strangeworks_qiskit.platform package#


strangeworks_qiskit.platform.backends module#

class QiskitBackend(backendRegistrations: List[Dict[str, Any]], **kwargs)#

Bases: Backend

Backend Class representing a Qiskit Backend.

classmethod from_dict(dict_obj: Dict[str, Any]) QiskitBackend#

Create a QiskitBackend from a Dictionary.

get_registration() Dict[str, Any]#

Get Qiskit-related backend info.

class Registration(backendType: Dict[str, Any], data: str | None = None, dateCreated: str | None = None, dateUpdated: str | None = None, **kwargs)#

Bases: object

Backend Registration object.

Includes the configuration data and type slug.

classmethod from_dict(dict_obj: Dict[str, Any]) Registration#

Create a Backend Registration object from a dictionary.


The class object.

dict_obj: Dict[str, Any]

Dictionary object with registation info.

is_qiskit() bool#
get(api: API, statuses: List[str] | None = None, product_slugs: List[str] | None = None) List[QiskitBackend] | None#

Get backends from Strangeworks.

get_status(api: API, backend_slug: str) Dict[str, Any]#

Get status for backend identified by its slug.

Module contents#