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class StrangeworksJob(backend, circuit, remote, sdk_client: SWClient | None = None, **kwargs)#

Bases: JobV1

Strangeworks implementation of a Qiskit Job.


Cancel job.

Only jobs that are running remotely can be cancelled.


Obtain job result.

Jobs run on local simulators will already have a terminal status and a result if they terminated with a status of DONE.

If a job is running remotely, this method will block until it reaches a terminal state. If the job finishes with a status of DONE, its results will be retrieved.

Job results stored as a part of the object once they are available.


Return job status.

Jobs run on local simulators will have a status in terminal state once they return from submit.

Jobs running remotely will make a remote call to retrieve job status until it reaches a terminal state.


Submit a job.

The method will wait for a result for jobs running on local simulators. For jobs running remotely, the method will return once the job request has been accepted successfully. module#

qiskit_status(status: str)#

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